circeo national park

Trekking Gourmet at Circeo National Park – Trattoria Buccia

Discovering Gourmet Trekking a stone’s throw from Rome, combining the pleasure of outdoor activities with the tasting of traditional foods. Genuine Food and Trekking have always been an excellent combination. And the place I’m pleased to introduce you to today is, in my opinion, a Gourmet Trattoria that perfectly reinterprets …

artichokes and cheese savory pie
Appetizers & Snacks Egg based dishes

Artichokes and Cheese Savory Pie

This Artichokes and Cheese Savory Pie is an easy and tasty recipe, perfect as a main course or appetizer, which will feed the whole family. Today I hope to delight you with a rustic and tasty recipe, able to reconcile all, even the most difficult palates.  Artichokes and Cheese Savory Pie is in fact, one of my favorites! That’s because …

Panforte di siena

Homemade Christmas Panforte di Siena

My favorite recipe to make Panforte di Siena, the typical Christmas cake filled with a lot of candied and dried fruit. A real rustic and authentic flavor! In Italy, each region has a special dessert for Christmas and Holidays .  Surely, the typical dessert for Tuscany is the Panforte of Siena. It is a very old type of sweet bread, flat and unleavened, that is – since …