Chicken legs marinated
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Pan-fried Italian marinated Chicken Legs

Pan-fried Italian marinated chicken legs recipe is a simple and inexpensive main course, much appreciated in Italian cuisine. I love to prepare simple and genuine dishes, today’s recipe is simple and tasty and it’s flavored with natural aromas and spices. These pan-fried marinated chicken legs are tender and juicy. The delicious crunchy …

circeo national park

Trekking Gourmet at Circeo National Park – Trattoria Buccia

Discovering Gourmet Trekking a stone’s throw from Rome, combining the pleasure of outdoor activities with the tasting of traditional foods. Genuine Food and Trekking have always been an excellent combination. And the place I’m pleased to introduce you to today is, in my opinion, a Gourmet Trattoria that perfectly reinterprets …