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Trekking Gourmet at Circeo National Park – Trattoria Buccia

Discovering Gourmet Trekking a stone’s throw from Rome, combining the pleasure of outdoor activities with the tasting of traditional foods.

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Genuine Food and Trekking have always been an excellent combination. And the place I’m pleased to introduce you to today is, in my opinion, a Gourmet Trattoria that perfectly reinterprets local flavors in a contemporary key.

I came across this restaurant almost by chance. I started the year with a ton of healthier plans. Among these, the main one is to stay more active with my habits. With this spirit, over the weekend we decided to go hiking and trekking in nature. After an extra tasting breakfast based on my Homemeade Granola Recipe, I filled up the bottle with my Favorite Detox Water, and I was ready to leave for a scenic trek.

circeo national park forest

Circeo National Park

We found the perfect trekking scenery just a stone’s throw from the city into the wonderful Circeo National Park. The Circeo National Park is one of the oldest protected natural areas in Italy. Its varied territory extends between the mountain, the plain, and the Pontine Islands. Circeo National Park is located along the Tyrrhenian coast in the South of Rome, between Anzio and Terracina, and it extends itself for about 8,500 hectares in the Province of Latina. In particular, Park’s peculiarity is the protection of huge plants and animal diversity of the territory between the towns of Latina, Sabaudia, San Felice Circeo and, for the insular part of the Island of Zannone, Ponza.

circe's peak
Panorama from Circe’s peak

Sabaudia Surroundings

Inside the park, there are some State Nature Reserves, and several archaeological areas ranging from prehistoric times to the Roman Empire, up to medieval sites. Absolutely to visit is the villa of Diocletian dating back to the 1st century AD. A real treasure!!!

Walking immersed in nature a stone’s throw from the sea gives me a strong feeling of well-being and freedom. The Park is full of trails for trekking and hiking suitable for everyone. Among those, the most enchanting and panoramic is the Promontory one, that’s the one we’ve chosen!!

We climbed Circe’s Peak and hiked towards Sabaudia in a 4 hours trek. And our reward upon arriving at the peak was this incredible panorama view.

The town of Sabaudia is mostly famous as a summer city, well-known above all for its golden sand dunes and for its beautiful beaches with crystal clear sea.

Over the years Sabaudia’s sand dune was even the perfect background for many movie sets. One of the most famous samples is the Oscar Winner Divorzio all’Italiana (aka “Divorce Italian Style” of Pietro Germi).

 sabaudia sand dunes

The perfect choice between tradition and taste: Buccia Trattoria

I was looking for the perfect place to satisfy my palate with a selection of gourmet dishes that respect the traditions of the area.

As I mentioned, today’s discovering place was right on the edge of National Park.

In my opinion, Buccia Trattoria (that in English means “peel”) is a place out of time!

Firstly, Buccia has been created with the aim of enhancing the history and role of the Italian Trattoria. Secondarily, the furnishing atmosphere is warm and modern but familiar. Moreover, their cooking trends perfectly reflects the old family recipe books, but with flair and freshness.
In each dish tried, I found out the story of the small local producers and of the various Slow Food presidia that make Italian Gastronomy great.

Here’s a taste of what we tried:

We tried and original Red Bell Pepper with tuna over a potato cream, and the Trattoria core dish: their Homemade Porchetta stuffed with curry, almonds, and rosemary.

As the main course, we had Tagliolini with Buffalo Ragù and a Pork Fillet with Pumpkin and sautéed black cabbage.

At the dessert moment, we opted for the Chef’s small pastry tasting. A Sicilian Cannolo stuffed with fresh ricotta, a mini Passion Fruit Cheesecake with goat cheese, a Chocolate Praline, and a flavorous Raspberry Jelly. All were homemade and exceptional. It’s a pity that I can only describe it to you. All delicacies were so yummy and inviting that I didn’t have time to take pictures as they were already gone!

The choice of wines to pair with our food was excellent too. We opted for Tufaliccio by the Marco Carpineti, a classic regional red wine.

I hope to have inspired a visit to this precious local restaurant. I leave you here contact details and address:

Buccia Trattoria – Via Litoranea, Km 20,600, 04016 Sabaudia LT

FB Page: Buccia Trattoria

Mob: +39 366 499 0849 – email:

One last tip: at Buccia Trattoria menu changes according to the season, so just let yourself be indulged away by the atmosphere and inspired by the staff suggestions, you will not regret it!

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