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Italian Cherries Aniseed Liqueur

It’s time for Cherries!

Through my recipes, it cannot be miss, a good supply of Cherries Aniseed Liqueur that is an Italian stunning recipe for a delicious flavored cherries digestive enriched with rum liqueur.

That’s because “Cherries” have a very special place in my life. For years, my sister creates her wedding & event company called Come Le Ciliegie (Like Cherries), so every year, when this time of year comes, cherries are not lacking in our family.
And since I always have several available, and in Italy, we use to say about cherries that “una tira l’altra” (literally “each leads another”), I love to create different ways of using them in the kitchen – and why not, since there are only from spring to early summer – to find different ways to enjoy them over time.

As you know in Italy – especially in the south area- there is a widespread tradition of exchanging home-made gifts with friends and relatives.

I must admit that I love it when I receive handmade delicacies instead of the usual gifts.

The homemade preparation of spirits in my country dates back to ancient times. In addition to being one of the many tricks put in place to exploit the gifts of Nature, these drinks are also a testimony to an ancient tradition of hospitality, a legacy of the Greeks and Romans maintained over time.

The liqueur that I propose to you today is a slightly different version from the classic version (made simply with 95% alcohol and sugar).

This recipe, in particular, which was given to me by a lady farmer near Avellino, join the characteristic soft taste of cherries to the strong and sharp taste of anise and rum … the final result is a real explosion of flavor and aroma!

In my opinion, this Cherries Aniseed Liqueur is amazing, and in my house, it is very very popular!

In addition, once prepared, you can take advantage of its goodness for about a year.

Cherries Aniseed Liqueur is perfect to be used as a digestive, perhaps cool, to drink on hot summer evenings.

The soaked Cherries – which after a month are well drenched into the liqueur and properly seasoned – are excellent to taste with vanilla ice cream or custard, or whipped cream! And even be used to prepare sweets and cakes.

In short, you’ll be spoiled for choice, what are you waiting for?

Cherries Liqueur

Cherries Liqueur


  • 3 kg cherries
  • 600 ml brown rum
  • 400 ml aniseed liqueur
  • 300 g sugar


The sour cherries must not be washed but instead wipe with a clean cloth.

1. Using a big needle remove the stones and place the cherries in a glass jar with a large opening.

2. Put in the jar the mixture of aniseed liqueur, rum, and sugar. Stir thoroughly to dissolve the sugar. Close the jar with an airtight lid and leave it for 2 weeks.

3. After 2 weeks open the jar and taste the cherries. It should be sweet but not too much, if necessary add another few tablespoons of sugar.

4. Keep to rest for about four more weeks in a dark place.

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